Y Knot Ranch of Jacksonville

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Show Team

Y Knot Show Team


   Y Knot Ranch offers our horses, training and trailering in order to compete at horse shows. Our horses are proven, seasoned show horses that compete all around, and do so successfully. 

Y Knot Ranch's requirements to compete with our show team are as follows

- Have 1 year or more of regular lesson

- Be able to participate in 2+ lessons per week during show seasons

- Make C+ average in academics

- Usage of drugs (other than prescription) of any kind will not be tolerated

- Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated

- Must help clean barn, trailer, tack room, etc. before and after show

Expenses for competing vary depending on distance and association putting on the show. Most local shows cost on average $200 total for the weekend. Transportation varies from $25-$50 to each show depending on the distance, amount of horses in trailer, etc.; as well as a show schooling payment of $40 for at the show grounds schooling. Leasing a horse is suggested if one is wanting to compete at every show of the season in order to have full rights to show a specific horse. 

Show Team Members

Mia J.

"Smooth Sailin'"


Emma H.

"Too Coy to Say"

Hunter/Jumper & Eventing

Amanda G.

"Lucks Time Two Shine"

Hunters, Dressage & Western Pleasure

Taylor D.

"Smooth Sailin"

Jumpers, Eventing and Ranch

Kaitlyn A.

"Top Gunnin' Sugar"

Hunters/Jumpers, English Pleasure

Julia K.

"Hillside View Trevor"

Hunters, English & Western Pleasure

Ally L.

"Worth Every Penny"

Jumpers, Eventing & Western Pleasure

Josie T.

"Worth Every Penny"


Natalie B.

"Too Coy to Say"

Rides Jumpers and Eventing

Taylor I.

"Krimps Midnight Beauty"

Rides Jumpers 

Elizabeth P. aka Bit

"Butterscotch Topping"

Hunters, Dressage

Autumn H.

"Butterscotch Topping"


Adyson W.


Hunters and Western Pleasure

Reagan F.

"The Pretty Committee"

Hunters & Dressage

Emily T.

"Faylene's Fancy Pants"


Aubrey B.

"Lucks Time Two Shine"

Hunters, English & Western Pleasure