Y Knot Ranch of Jacksonville

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Horse Camps

Summer Horse Camps

Y Knot Ranch invites all horse lovers, 8 and up, for our summer horse camp. The camp is filled with fun and excitement. Your child will learn the basics needed to be around a horse and much more, from grooming and saddling up to riding with a proper seat at a walk, trot and canter depending on experience. The camp is from Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm. Each child will be assigned one horse for the week according to the child's experience, size, and behavior. The first two hours consists of grooming, tacking up, and riding the horses. Then we stop for a one hour lunch break. The last hour will be a different activity each day such as: horse trivia, how to properly clean a horse, match the horse with its color, working with a horse at halter, and more. Each camp is limited to 16 students per week. If you sign up before May 1st the price is only $325. Anytime after the 1st the price is $350. A $100 deposit must be collected in order to sign up. 
For more information call or text Alivia at (904) 755-4170.

2020 Camp Dates

June 22nd-26th All Riders

July 13th-17th All Riders

Advanced Camp Date TBD

Call or text to sign up (904) 755-4170

Camp Rules

-Always wear helmets while on a horse. Helmets are privided, but if you have a bicycle helmet or riding helmet for your child/children, you may want to bring it so that it fits them properly.

-Wear boots or sneakers

-Always wear jeans, riding breeches, or anything that covers the whole leg. No shorts or skirts!

-Parents and children must sign a liability waver.

-Bring your own lunch and water bottles. No sodas or carbonated drinks while riding. Powerade and gatorade are allowed. Instructors suggest to bring your own small cooler for your drinks and lunch.

-No fighting over horses. Each person will be assigned 1 horse for the week. The horse will be chosen by instructors according to the child's size, behavior, and experience.

-No running or screaming around the horses. You will have plenty of time to do that when the horses are put up 

-Always listen to your instructor (trust me, they know best)

-Parents must drop off and pick up the child/children at required times. A 15 minute waiting period will be given. After that, an extra charge will be added.

-If rules are broken, you could be asked to leave or not be able to participate in riding or games.

-Always come with a smile :) and HAVE FUN!